Colloque “Le scribe dans le monde biblique / The scribe in the biblical world” (BNU, 17-19 juin 2019)

The Scribe in the Biblical World:
A Bridge Between Scripts, Languages and Cultures

Strasbourg, 17–19 June 2019

Salle du Conseil
Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire
6 place de la République • 67000 Strasbourg

This international conference focuses on the scribe’s status, training, practices, and work in the Biblical world. What was the scribe’s role in Eastern and Mediterranean societies? Were there rival scribal schools? What was their role in daily life? How many scripts and languages did they grasp? Did they master political and religious rhetoric? Did they travel or share foreign traditions, cultures, and beliefs? Were all scribes redactors, or simple copyists? What was their influence on the redaction of the Bible? How did they relate to political and religious powers? Did they have an authority of their own?

To explore these fascinating questions, we invite you to join us in Strasbourg on 17-19 June 2019 by registering here:

>>> The Scribe in the Biblical World — program

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